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Born on the craggy island of Malta, raised in the foggy hinterlands of Astoria on the mysterious Oregon Coast, Evelyn Bennett appeared with one desire; to create. Under those ominous skies in a foreboding attic, she taught herself the art of sewing. The gloomy climate and relative rarity of shopping malls prompted her to design apparel and bags with an eye toward innovation.† Having little or no access to trendy designer products, she set out to make things that solved hitherto unaddressed problems.

Finding that is was indeed far too easy to simply copy existing designs, she set about making improvements to existing ideas on every level. Always the mad scientist, she prides herself on personally discovering solutions though research, trial and error, and good old-fashioned guesswork. She has been known to stay up all night for the sheer joy of peace and quiet, and then all day to confound her doubters and amaze her admirers. Her love of coffee and is legendary, as is her sense of humor. While thoughts of her latest project and possible improvements are on her mind every minute of the day, she will occasionally steal a moment to think about the bigger picture and its implications.

Putting herself through college by modeling in the nude coupled with student loans, she earned a Bachelorís degree in science, much to the chagrin of her Spanish teacher, who knew that two years of high school language classes had been all for naught.

Armed with a major in Fine art and a minor in biology, she set out to the wilderness of California to study scientific illustration at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and returned 3 months later with substantial knowledge of what it felt like to draw beetles every day. Knowing in her very bones that working for a museum was not her lifeís ambition; she enrolled in the Art Institute of Portland, and shot out the other side with a Bachelorís degree in Apparel Design. She was now ready to outrun her competitors and take the role in society that was rightfully hers: that of the graduate student looking for work with 2 bachelorís degrees.

Evelyn has never forgotten how to generate solutions for every situation, regardless of how obvious the problem may be. Her enthusiasm for design and construction is unrivaled, as is her obedience to the dominance of customization. Only the most uniquely designed item will satisfy the userís needs, for all others are merely generic imitators. It has been said of Evelyn Bennett that she is efficient as a train, talented as a fire-eater, and thorough as a good auditor. Never one to admit to coyness, she is frank in all her dealings, and has a burning desire to see every project through to the bitter end. Thriving on the rain and murky atmosphere that is intrinsic to the Pacific Northwest, she resides in Portland Oregon and continues endlessly on her quest for the ultimate laptop bag design.